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lay : don't misunderstand we are not gay
what fandom understood : i am not a weird queer guy ok leave me alone
what i understand as a lgbt person : lay is not gay



10 Bleps That Prove A Cat Is Cutest When Its Tongue Is Out

The Blep: An adorable phenomenon that involves the protrusion of a cat’s cute pink tongue, often due to forgetfulness. 
Here we observe the blep in its many beautiful manifestations. 

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Bill Hicks, One Night Stand





Okay so let's say you're queer. Then you should understand that just because you're the only queer person who was not offended by it that it suddenly because this innocuous statement and oppa didn't mean it. Yes what he said was homophobic. It casts gay men is a light that says they are weird and not real men. That there's something wrong with being gay. No one even thought what Chan said was gay, he really went out of his way to defend their straightness. Should we hate him now? No. Obviously

Haha oh~ was waiting for something like this :) 

Just to make things clear, I am not a youngster and I am not an Exo fan. He is not “my oppa”, but thanks for assuming I am a young teenage girl. I am just surrounded by them and share this blog with others and we follow many an exo blog. Lay was speaking a language that is not his first language. Right there, his vocabulary is limited. Also, there’s not really a literal translation for saying we’re a bunch of straight guys, and therefore the literal translation comes off a little strong as we are manly men. 

Y’all jump the gun when you don’t understand rough translations and cultural differences and surrounding circumstances. The best way for him to say he was straight was to use the term that roughly translates to manly men/tough men. 

I understand why gays would feel offended, but it is incredibly ignorant how so many fans don’t take into consideration that Korea is like a different world from, say, US or Britain. Your ignorance is as bad as theirs. There are grown ass Finnish men that didn’t understand why it was offensive for them to wear Native American head dresses and it had to be explained to them after they wore them. Despite what you might think, not every country knows/practices/believes/works like each other. That is the problem. You all preach ignorance when you are being ignorant, yourselves. 

Y’all trippin. Lay was not being homophobic. I am a homosexual. If someone was thinking I was straight, I would mention I was not. There was a remark that could be seen as homosexual and he mentioned they were straight (which he’s trippin for saying that haha) but there was nothing homophobic about it. I don’t feel offended in the slightest. Lay’s said some fucked up shit, but this ain’t one of them. I don’t even want to junk up the tags with this, but for hell’s sake y’all. 


Elizabeth Olsen by Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour Magazine


when someone sneezes by you, but doesn’t cover their mouth, then it hits your skin



I knew I have seen this before